How to access the Creative Control recording modes.

To access the "Creative Control" recording mode:

  1. Touch the Recording Mode button icon.
  2. Touch the Creative Control Mode icon.
  3. Select the desired Creative Control Mode, then touch [Enter].

Available Creative Control Modes

Available Creative Control Modes
Mode Effect
Miniature Effect You can record motion pictures with a diorama effect like recording a miniature by intentionally creating focused area and out of focused area in the peripheral of the image and recording motion picture with an interval.
  • Motion pictures recorded with this function will look as if the frame rate is low.
8mm Movie You can record motion pictures with a faded retro effect.
Silent Movie You can record motion pictures that are similar to black-and-white silent films by lowering the amount of incoming light.
Time Lapse Rec You can record a scene that moves slowly over a long period of time as a short time motion picture by recording one frame at each set time lapse.

Watch this video for information on the Creative Control Mode feature