Warranty and Repair Information Panasonic USA

Refer to your models Operating Manual for specific warranty information.

Types of Warranty and Service Repair process for USA

  1. Mail-in Service - Smaller products are repaired at our central Panasonic US Repair Facility. Cost and time for repair will depend on warranty status and service required. For products that are Mail in service an Online Repair request must be submited.
  2. Carry-in Service - Products with this warranty should be taken to a Panasonic Authorized Service Center for repair.
  3. On-Site Service - Products with this warranty are serviceable on site when applicable or will be picked up by a Panasonic Authorized Service Center and returned after the completion of the repair.

To determine the type of repair your product has refer to The Panasonic USA Product Service Locator.

Inquiries on repair status should be directed to the Panasonic Authorized Service Center completing the repair.

Do I need to register my product for warranty?

It is not necessary to register your Panasonic product for warranty purposes. Simply retain a copy of your receipt or bill of sale from the authorized Panasonic dealer where you purchased your product. In case of a defect in your product, you must present your purchase receipt or other proof of date of original purchase, showing the amount paid and place of purchase to assure you of immediate warranty validation at any Authorized Panasonic Service Center for repairable models.

Note: Limited Warranty only applies to products purchased and serviced in the United States. This Limited Warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of a new product which was not sold “as is”. A purchase receipt or other proof of the original purchase date is required for Limited Warranty service. This document is an overview of Panasonic consumer products warranties and it is highly recommended you refer to the owner's manual and documentation for your product to find detailed information concerning its warranty

However, we do have the option to register your Panasonic consumer product purchase on our web site.

Register your product.