How to change the telephone's Voice announcement / guidance language.

  1. Press [MENU # 1 1 2] on the handset.
  2. Press the arrow up ▲ or down ▼ button to select your desired setting.
  3. Press [ SAVE ] then [OFF] or [EXIT].

This feature is not available on all models. Operation may vary by model. Refer to feature "Locator" in your models Operating Manual for specific procedure.

Video Examples of programming, buttons and menu screens vary by model.

Model in video KX-TGD59x series

Model in video KX-PRS120

Model in video is handset KX-TGFA30. This handset is included with various models including KX-TGF34x, KX-TGF35x series, KX-TG133, KX-TG153, KX-TG175.

Model shown is KX-TGM470