How to connect the camera to a printer

Initializing Connection

You can connect a camera directly to a PictBridge-compatible printer for printing.

  • Some printers can print directly from the camera’s memory card. For details, see the manual for your printer.


  • For model DMC-F5:
    • When printing pictures from the built-in memory, remove any memory cards.
  • Adjust the print quality or other settings on your printer, as needed.
  • Turn on the camera and printer.


  1. Connect camera to printer.
    • Check the plug direction and insert it straight in. (If the cable is inserted in the wrong direction, the plug could become deformed and cause faulty operation.) Also, do not insert into the wrong socket. Doing so may cause damage to this unit.
    • Do not use any other USB connection cables except the supplied one.
  2. Use [▼] to select [PictBridge(PTP)] and press [MENU / SET].
  3. Use [◄ / ►] to select a picture and press [MENU / SET].
  4. Use [▲] to select [Print start] and press [MENU / SET].

Printing multiple pictures

Multiple pictures are printed at one time.

  1. Press [▲] to select [Multi Print] in step 3 (above).
  2. Use [▲ / ▼] to select the item and press [MENU / SET].
  3. Press [▲] to select [Print Start] and press [MENU / SET].

[Multi Print] Settings
Setting Information
[Multi Select]
  1. Scroll between pictures with [▲ / ▼ / ◄ / ►], select pictures to print with [MENU / SET] (Press [MENU / SET] again to release selection.)
[Select All] Print all pictures.
(DC-ZS80, DC-FZ1000M2)
Print pictures selected as [Rating].


  • The group pictures are displayed one by one instead of all pictures at the same time.
  • Use a battery with sufficient battery power or the AC adaptor (optional) and DC coupler (optional). When the battery begins to run out during communication, a warning beep sounds. Cancel printing and disconnect USB connection cable (supplied).
  • Before inserting or removing a card, turn the camera off and disconnect the USB connection cable.
  • Some printers can print directly from the camera’s memory card. For details, see the manual for your printer.
  • Yellow Circle / Orange Circle displayed during printing indicates an error message.
  • Print may be divided into several pictures if printing a large amount of pictures (Remaining sheets display may differ from the number of pictures set for printing).
  • Motion pictures, 4K burst files, and pictures recorded with [Post Focus] cannot be printed.
  • Still pictures recorded in a RAW file cannot be printed (The still pictures recorded in JPEG file format at the same time as the RAW file can be printed).

Making print settings on the camera

Setting options include the number of printed pictures and their size. Make settings before selecting [Print start].

Print Settings
Setting Information
[Print with Date] [ON] / [OFF]
[Num. of prints] Sets number of pictures (up to 999 pictures).
[Paper Size] Sets the paper size.
[Page Layout] Sets whether or not to add borders and how many pictures to be printed on each sheet of paper.


  • If the printer does not support date printing, the date cannot be printed on the picture.
  • When setting [Print with Date] to [ON], check the date printing settings on the printer (printer settings may be prioritized).
  • Items may not be displayed if incompatible with printer.
  • To print to paper sizes/layouts not supported by this camera, set to [Printer] and make settings on the printer (Consult your printer’s operating manual).

DC-ZS80, DC-FZ1000M2, DMC-F5, DC-S5