How to format the SD card or the External Media device.

  1. Select [MENU]
  2. Select [SETUP]
  3. Select [FORMAT MEDIA]
  4. Select the [SD CARD] or [HDD]* (Media selection (HDD) screen is not displayed when the USB HDD is not connected.)
    • * Displayed when connecting a USB HDD.
  5. Select [YES]
  6. When formatting is complete, touch [EXIT] to exit the message screen.


  • Please be aware that if a medium is formatted, then all the data recorded on the medium will be erased and cannot be restored. Back up important data on a PC etc.
  • Do not turn this unit off or remove the SD card, while formatting. Do not expose the unit to vibrations or shock.
  • Cards formatted on other equipment such as a PC, may not work in this unit.

HC-WXF1, HC-V800, HC-VX1, HC-V180