How to perform a firmware update on a Blu-ray player.

Occasionally, Panasonic may release updated firmware for this unit that may add or improve the way a feature operates. These updates are available free of charge. This unit is capable of checking the firmware automatically when connected to the Internet via a broadband connection. (You must agree to the terms of use for the Internet function and privacy policy.)  When a new firmware version is available, the following message is displayed.   null   Select “Yes” to start downloading the firmware. When the firmware update starts after the downloading is finished, a black screen is displayed and for model DMP-UB200, DP-UB420 the POWER LED flashes rapidly.   You cannot operate the unit until the update is complete. Do not disconnect the unit from the AC power or perform any operation while the update takes place.   After the firmware is installed, “FIN” or "FINISH" will be displayed on the unit’s displayed indicating "The firmware was updated. Current Version:X.XX" ("X" represents number value). Unit will restart and the following screen will be displayed.   eg. null  
  • You can also download the latest firmware from the following website and store it to a USB device to update the firmware Global Website  (This site is in English only.)
  • Downloading will require several minutes. It may take longer or may not work properly depending on the connection environment.
This FAQ applies to models DMP-BDT270, DMP-BDT280, DMP-BDT360, DMP-BDT460, DMP-BD81, DMP-BD91, DMP-DB901, DMP-BD85, DMP-BD94, DMP-BD93, DP-UB820, DMP-UB400, DMP-UB300, DMP-UB900, DP-UB150, DP-UB154 DP-UB420, DP-UB820, DP-UB9000, DMP-BD87, DMP-BD89, DMP-BD79, DMP-BD65, DMP-BD655, DMP-BD75, DMP-BD755, DMP-BD77