How to reset the camera.

Press [MENU] → [Settings IconSetup] → [Reset]  

The following settings are reset to the default:

  • Recording settings
  • Network settings ([Wi-Fi Setup] and [Bluetooth] settings)
  • Custom settings ([Face Recog.] and [Profile Setup] settings)
  • Setup/custom settings (except for [Wi-Fi Setup], [Bluetooth], [Face Recog.] and [Profile Setup])
    • For model DC-GH5M2: [Streaming Setup] is also not reset.

When the setup/custom settings are reset, the following settings are also reset.

  • The [World Time] setting
  • The settings of [Travel Date] (departure date, return date, location)
  • The settings of [Rotate Disp.], [Picture Sort] and [Delete Confirmation] in the [Playback] menu
The folder number and the clock setting are not changed when resetting.  


  • Recording settings (except for [Face Recog.] and [Profile Setup] settings) and drive mode.


  • The birthday and name settings for [Baby1]/[Baby2] and [Pet] in Scene Mode.


  • Information registered in [Face Recog.] is reset if recording settings are reset.
  • Resetting the setup parameters will also reset the following:
    • The [World Time] (home area) setting (If the camera is turned on and off, the home area setting screen is displayed.)
    • Age in years/months and names in [Baby] and [Pet] Scene Modes.
  • Camera movement may be audible as the lens function is reset. This is not a fault.


  • When the setup settings are reset, the following settings are also reset.
  • The birthday settings for [Baby1]/[Baby2] and [Pet] in Scene Mode.

DC-GH5, DC-GH5S, DC-GH5M2, DC-G9, DC-GX9, DMC-FZ300, DMC-G7, DMC-GF7, DMC-ZS45, DMC-ZS50, DMC-SZ10, DC-ZS80, DC-G100