How to reset the camera. - DMC-GH4, DMC-FZ1000

The recording or setup/custom settings are reset to the default.   Press [MENU] → [Setup] → [Reset]

When the recording setting is reset, the content of the following settings is also reset.

  • The [Face Recog.] setting

When the setup/custom settings are reset, the following settings are also reset.

  • The [World Time] setting
  • The settings of [Travel Date] (departure date, return date, location)
  • The [Profile Setup] setting
  • The settings of [Rotate Disp.], [Picture Sort] and [Delete Confirmation] in the [Playback] menu
  • The folder number and the clock setting are not changed.
  • DMC-GH4
    • If you changed [System Frequency] in the [Setup] menu, a message prompting you to restart the camera will be displayed after the camera is reset. Turn off and on the camera.