How to set the focus when recording a motion picture. (Continuous AF).

DMC-GH4: Applicable Shooting modes

DC-G9, DC-GH5, DC-GH5S: Applicable Shooting modes

DC-GX9, DMC-G7: Applicable Shooting modes

DC-LX100M2: Applicable Shooting modes

DMC-FZ300: Applicable Shooting modes

DMC-FZ1000: Applicable Shooting modes

DMC-GF7: Applicable Shooting modes

Focusing changes depending on the Focus Mode setting and the [Continuous AF] setting in the [Motion Picture] menu.

Setting the focus

Press [MENU] → [Motion Picture] → [Continuous AF]

Focus Settings
Focus Mode [Continuous AF] Setting
[AFS] / [AFF] / [AFC] [ON] Allow the focus to be constantly adjusted automatically while recording motion pictures.
[OFF] Fix focus position at the start of motion picture recording.
[MF] [ON] / [OFF] Allow the focus to be adjusted manually.
  • The interchangeable lens model H-H020A utilizes a lens drive system to realize a compact and bright F1.7 lens. As a result, sound and vibration may occur during focus operation, but this is not a malfunction.
  • When the focus mode is set to [AFS], [AFF] or [AFC], if you press the shutter button halfway while recording a motion picture, the camera will re-adjust the focus.
  • Depending on the recording conditions or lens used, operational sound may be recorded when the Auto Focus is operated while recording a motion picture. It is recommended to record with [Continuous AF] in the [Motion Picture] menu set to [OFF], if the sound of operation bothers you to avoid recording the lens noise.
  • When operating the zoom when recording motion pictures, it may take time to come into focus.
  • For models DC-GX9, DMC-FZ300, DMC-G7: This function is not available in the following case:
    • While [Pull Focus] in [Snap Movie]is in operation.