How to Store a Voicemail Access Number.

You can store the phone number used to access your voicemail service.

  1. Press [ MENU # 3 3 1 ]
  2. Enter your access number.
  3. Press [ SAVE ]
  4. Press [ OFF ] or [ EXIT ] 


If you are storing your voice mail access number and your mailbox password, you need to add pauses between the two. To do this press [ ▲ ], this will insert a 3.5 sec pause between the access number and the password. If more time is required hit the arrow up again. As an example if you require a 10 second pause then you would press the arrow up button 3 times to insert a total of 10.5 seconds.
The following video is an example of the programming. Buttons and screens vary by model.  Model shown is KX-TGB310 Voice mail is an automatic answering service offered by your phone service provider. After you subscribe to this service, your phone service provider’s voice mail system answers calls for you when you are unavailable to answer the phone or when your line is busy. Messages are recorded by your phone service provider, not your telephone. In order to listen to your voice mail messages, you must dial your phone service provider’s voice mail access number. Once you have stored your voice mail access number, you can dial it automatically. In this how to video we will show you how to store a voice mail access number for the Panasonic cordless telephone KX-TGB310.