How to take a Panorama Photo - Lumix Cameras

Consecutive photos taken while the camera is moved are combined to form a panorama. If you are looking for more mozdel-specific information, visit our Operating Manual Lookup

Taking a Panorama shot

  1. Set the mode dial to [Panorama Shooting Mode]
  2. Press the shutter button halfway to focus.
  3. Press the shutter button fully and move the camera in a small circle in the direction of the arrow on the screen.
    • After the screen that asks you to check the recording direction is displayed, the horizontal / vertical guidelines will be displayed.
    • Move the camera at a constant speed. Pictures may not be able to be recorded properly if the camera is moved too fast or slow.
  4. Press the shutter button once again to end the picture recording.
    • Recording can also be ended by keeping the camera still while recording.
    • Recording can also be ended by moving the camera to the end of the guide.

Changing the recording direction and angle of view (image size) of panorama pictures

  1. Press the [MENU] button.
  2. Press the [Rec Mode] button.
    • For models DC-ZS80, DC-FZ1000M2 and similar: Select [Panorama Shot].
  3. Select [Panorama Settings]
    • [Direction] sets the recording direction.
    • [Picture Size] sets the angle of view (image size).

The number of recording pixels in the horizontal and vertical directions of the panorama picture varies depending on the image size, the recording direction and the number of combined pictures.

Panorama Image Sizes and Resolutions
Image Size Recording Direction Horizontal Resolution Vertical Resolution
Standard Horizontal 8176 px 1920 px
Vertical 2560 px 7680 px
Wide Horizontal 8176 px 960 px
Vertical 1280 px 7680 px

Technique for Panorama Shot Mode

  1. Move the camera in the recording direction without shaking it. If the camera shakes too much, pictures may not be able to be recorded, or the recorded panorama picture may become narrower (smaller).
  2. Move the camera towards the edge of the range you wish to record.(The edge of the range will not be recorded in the last frame)

About Playback

Pressing ▲ will start playback automatically in the same direction as the recording.

The following operations can not be performed during scrolling playback

  • ► / Pause - ▲ - Start panorama playback/Pause. When the playback is paused, you can scroll forwards and backwards by dragging the screen. When the scroll bar is touched, the playback position jumps to the touched position.
  • ■ - ▼ - Stop

Panorama not available in these cases:

A panorama picture may not be able to be created, or the pictures may not be combined properly when recording the following subjects or under the recording conditions below.

  • Subjects with a single, uniform color or repetitive pattern (such as the sky or a beach).
  • Moving subjects (person, pet, car, waves, flowers blowing in the breeze, etc.).
  • Subjects where the color or patterns change in a short time (such as an image appearing on a display).
  • Dark places
  • Locations with flickering light sources such as fluorescent lights or candles.

Remember, you can visit our Operating Manual Lookup if you are looking for more model-specific information