How to take pictures using the Automatic Function. (Intellegent Auto Mode) (iA)

This mode is recommended for those who want to point and shoot as the camera optimizes settings to match the subject and recording environment.

Shooting in Intelligent Auto Mode

  1. Set the mode dial to [Intelligent Auto Shooting Mode].
    • The camera will switch to either the most recently used mode between Intelligent Auto Plus Mode or Intelligent Auto Mode.
    • At the time of purchase, the shooting mode is set to [Intelligent Auto Shooting Mode].
  2. Point the camera at the subject.
    • When the camera identifies the optimum scene, the icon of the scene concerned is displayed in blue for 2 seconds, after which its color changes to the usual red for Automatic scene detection.
  3. Press the shutter button when the Intelligent Auto Setting fully detects the scene.

Switching between Intelligent Auto Plus and Intelligent Auto Mode

  1. From the recording screen, press [Menu / Set] and enter into the [Intelligent Auto] menu.
    • The [Intelligent Auto] menu will be displayed as [Intelligent Auto Shooting Mode Icon] or [Intelligent Plus Auto Shooting Mode Icon].
  2. Press ► to select [Intelligent Auto Shooting Mode] or [Intelligent Plus Auto Shooting Mode], and press [MENU / SET].

Note: It is also possible to display the selection screen by touching the Recording Mode icon in the recording screen.

Intelligent Auto Plus Mode allows you to adjust some settings such as the brightness and color tone while also using Intelligent Auto Mode for other settings so that you can record images more suited to your preferences. To record images with more ease, use Intelligent Auto Mode.

Intelligent Auto and Intelligent Auto Plus Features
Intelligent Auto Plus Intelligent Auto
Defocus control function X
Setting the brightness (exposure) X
Setting the color tone X
Menus that can be set Many Few

Auto Focus, Face/Eye Detection, and Face Recognition

  • The Auto Focus Mode is automatically set to [Face Detection]. If you touch the subject, the camera switches to [Multi-Focus] and the AF tracking function starts operating.
  • You can also switch to [Multi-Focus] by pressing [MENU / SET], going to the [Rec] menu, then going to the [AF Mode] menu and selecting [Multi-Focus] (tracking).
    • For models DC-FZ80, DC-GX9, DC-G95 - You can also switch to [Multi-Focus] by pressing [◄]
  • Align the AF tracking area with the subject and press the shutter button halfway to operate the AF tracking function.
    • When [Face Recog.] is set to [ON] and if the camera recognizes a face similar to a registered face, [R] is displayed on the upper right corner of the [Intelligent Portrait Mode], [Intelligent Night Portrait Mode], and [Intelligent Baby Mode] icons.
    • For models DMC-ZS100, DMC-ZS60 - In [Intelligent Portrait Mode], [Intelligent Night Portrait Mode], and [Intelligent Baby Mode], the camera adjusts the focus on the eye that is closest to this unit and matches the exposure with the face. In [Intelligent Auto Plus Mode] or [Intelligent Auto Mode], the eye to be focused on cannot be changed (Face/Eye Detection).
    • For Models: DMC-ZS100, DMC-ZS60 - Automatic Scene Detection does not function until the focus is locked on a subject during AF Tracking.


When the flash is open, the camera automatically sets [Intelligent Flash Auto], [Intelligent Flash Auto Redeye] , [Intelligent Flash Redeye Shutter Priority] or [Intelligent Flash Shutter Priority] to match the type of subject and brightness.
  • When [Intelligent Flash Auto Redeye] or [Intelligent Flash Redeye Shutter Priority] is displayed, the [Red-Eye Removal] function is activated to automatically detect red-eye and correct the picture data.
  • Shutter speed will be slower during [Intelligent Flash Redeye Shutter Priority] or [Intelligent Flash Shutter Priority].

Automatic Scene Detection

Automatic Scenes detected when taking still pictures

  • [i-Portrait]
  • [i-Scenery]
  • [i-Macro]
  • [i-Night Portrait]*1
  • [i-Night Scenery]
  • [i-Handheld Night Shot]*2
  • [i-Food]
  • [i-Baby]*3
  • [i-Sunset]
  • [Intelligent Auto Mode] (When the scene does not correspond to any of the above)
    • *1 - Displayed only when using flash.
    • *2 - When [iHandheld Night Shot] is [ON].
    • *3 - When children (that are registered in the camera with Face Recognition) under 3 years old are recognized.


  • When the camera identifies [i-Night Scenery] as the optimal scene and if the camera determines that jitter is reduced by the use of a tripod or by other means, a shutter speed that is slower than usual is selected. After pressing the shutter button, do not move the camera while recording.
  • When recording 4K photos or when recording using [Post Focus], Scene Detection works the same way as when recording motion pictures.

Automatic Scenes detected when Recording Motion Pictures

  • [i-Portrait]
  • [i-Scenery]
  • [i-Low Light]
  • [i-Macro]
  • [Intelligent Auto Mode] (When the scene does not correspond to any of the above)
    • Depending on recording conditions, different scene types may be determined for the same subject.

About Backlight Compensation

  Backlight compensation is automatically activated in [Intelligent Auto Plus Mode] or [Intelligent Auto Mode]. Backlight is a condition where a light shines from behind a subject. When there is a backlight, the subject appears darker and the camera will automatically attempt to correct it by increasing the brightness of the picture.