How to use the Bracket Recording function. - DC-FZ80, DC-ZS70, DC-ZS80

Applicable modes


Bracket Recording Function - Taking Pictures While Adjusting a Setting Automatically

You can take multiple pictures while automatically adjusting a setting by pressing the shutter button.  
Bracketing Types
Exposure Bracketing Press the shutter button to perform recording while adjusting the exposure.
White Balance Bracketing Press the shutter button once to take three pictures with different white balance settings automatically.

Selecting a bracket type.

  1. Press [MENU] → [Rec] → [Bracket] → [Bracket Type]
    • To cancel a set [Bracket Type]: Press [MENU] → [Rec] → [Bracket] → [OFF]
  2. Press [▼] to select [More settings] and then press [MENU / SET].
    • Press the shutter button halfway to exit the menu.
  3. Focus on the subject and take a picture.
    • When Exposure Bracket is selected, the bracket display flashes until all of the pictures you have set are taken. If you change the bracket settings or turn off the camera before all of the pictures you have set are taken, the camera restarts recording from the first picture.

Bracketing Types are not available in these cases:

  1. When the following Scene Guide modes are active:
    • [Glistening Water]
    • [Glittering Illuminations]
    • [Handheld Night Shot]
    • [Soft Image of a Flower]
  2. When the following Creative Control modes are active:
    • [Rough Monochrome]
    • [Silky Monochrome]
    • [Miniature Effect]
    • [Soft Focus]
    • [Star Filter]
    • [Sunshine]
  3. When recording motion pictures.
  4. When recording 4K photos.
  5. When recording with [Post Focus]
  6. When using [Multi Exp.]
  7. When using [Time Lapse Shot]
  8. When [Stop Motion Animation] or [Auto Shooting] is set to [ON].
  9. DC-FZ80:
    • When using [Multi Exp.]
  10. DC-ZS70, DC-ZS80:
    • In Self Shote Mode

About the [More Settings] menu options



Sets the number of pictures to be taken and the exposure compensation range ([3•1/3] to [7•1]).
  • [3•1/3] - Takes three pictures with an interval of 1/3 EV.
  • [7•1] - Takes seven pictures with an interval of 1 EV.


Sets the order in which pictures are taken.  

[Single Shot Setting]

  • [Single Shooting] - Takes one picture each time you press the shutter button.
  • [Specified Burst Shooting] - Takes all the pictures set to be taken when you press the shutter button once.
[Single Shot Setting] is not available for burst recording. When using burst recording, if you press and hold the shutter button, recording will be performed continuously until a specified number of pictures are taken.  

[3•1/3], [sequence]: [0/-/+]

When taking pictures using Exposure Bracket after setting the Exposure Compensation value, the pictures taken are based on the selected Exposure Compensation value.