How to use the Optical Image Stabilizer. - DMC-FZ1000

The camera detects jitter during recording and automatically corrects it, so you can record images with reduced jitter.

Confirm that the O.I.S. switch is set to on.

Setting the Stabilizer in the rec menu

  1. Press [Menu] → REC] → [Stabilizer]
  2. Press [] / [] to select the item and then press [Menu/Set].
Stabilizer Functions & Information
Icon Stabilizer Description
Normal Icon Normal Vertical and horizontal shake are compensated for.
Panning Icon Panning Camera shake is corrected for up/down movements. This mode is ideal for panning.
  • A method of taking pictures which involves turning the camera to track the movements of a subject which continues to move in a fixed direction.

Preventing Jitter (Camera shake)

When Jitter appears, use [Stabilizer], a tripod or the self-timer.

  • Shutter speed will be slower particularly in the following cases. Keep the camera still from the moment the shutter button is pressed until the picture appears on the screen. We recommend using a tripod.
    • Slow Sync.
    • Slow Sync. / Red-Eye Reduction.
    • Scene Guide Mode: Clear Nightscape / Cool Night Sky / Warm Glowing Nightscape / Artistic Nightscape / Glittering Illuminations / Clear Night Portrait.
    • When you set to a slow shutter speed.

  • We recommend setting the O.I.S. switch to off when using a tripod.
  • We recommend taking pictures with the viewfinder when panning in Panning.
  • The 5-axis Hybrid Image Stabilizer function automatically functions while recording motion pictures. This decreases the jitter of the image when recording motion pictures while zooming or walking, etc.
    • The recording range may become narrower.
    • If you record a motion picture with Rec Quality set to VGA/4M/30p, the stabilizer function may be less effective compared to other picture quality settings.
  • The angle of view for the motion picture recording changes if you use the O.I.S. switch during the recording.
  • The stabilizer function may not be effective in the following cases. Be careful of camera jitter when you press the shutter button.
    • When there is a lot of jitter.
    • When the zoom magnification is high.
    • In digital zoom range.
    • When taking pictures while following a moving subject.
    • When the shutter speed becomes slower to take pictures indoors or in dark places.
  • The panning effect in Panning is more difficult to achieve in the following cases:
    • In brightly lit places such as in broad daylight on a summer’s day.
    • When the shutter speed is faster than 1/100th of a second.
    • When you move the camera too slowly because the subject is moving slowly. The background will not become a blur.
    • When the camera does not keep up with the subject satisfactorily.

Not Available in the following cases.

  • The Normal Stabilizer is not available for Panorama Shot in Scene Guide Mode.
  • The stabilizer is not available for [High Speed Video].
  • The 5-axis Hybrid Image Stabilizer function is not available when recording a motion picture with Rec Quality set to 4K/100M/30p.