How to use the preview mode on the EVF when the exposure is changed. - DMC-GH4, DMC-FZ1000

Applicable Modes

For model DMC-GH4:

For model DMC-FZ1000:

The effects of aperture and shutter speed can be checked by using the Preview Mode.

  • Confirm the effects of aperture: You can check the depth of field before taking a picture by closing the leaf shutter to the aperture value you set.
  • Confirm the effects of shutter speed: Movement can be confirmed by displaying the actual picture that will be taken with that shutter speed. When the shutter speed is set for high speed, display in the shutter speed preview will be displayed like a time-release film. It is used in cases such as stopping the movement of running water.

  1. Set a function button to [Preview].
    • The following step is an example in which [Preview] is assigned to [Fn4].
  2. Switch to confirmation screen by pressing [Fn4].
    • Screen is switched every time [Fn4] is pressed.

Depth of field properties

Recording Conditions
Aperture value Focal length of lens Distance to subject Depth of field (area in sharp focus)
Small Tele Near Shallow (narrow)
  • Example: When you want to take a image with a defocused background.
Large Wide More Distant Deep (wide)
  • Example: When you want to take a image with focus as far as the background.

  • It is possible to record while in Preview Mode.
  • Range for shutter speed effect check is 8 seconds to 1/8000th of a second.