How to use the Scene Guide Mode.

DC-FZ80, DMC-FZ2500, DMC-G85, DMC-GX85, DC-GX850, DC-ZS70, DC-ZS80, DC-G95


Applicable Shooting modes

  If you select a scene to suit the subject and recording conditions with reference to the example images, the camera will set optimal exposure, color, and focus, allowing you to record in a manner appropriate to the scene.
  1. Set the mode dial to [Scene].
    • It is also possible to display the selection screen by touching [Scene] while in the recording screen.
  2. Press ◄ / ► to select the scene.
    • The scene can also be selected by dragging an example image or the slide bar.
  3. Press the [MENU / SET ] button.


  • Depending on the scene, the recording screen may seem as if frames are missed.
  • To change the Scene Guide Mode, select [Scene] on the menu screen, select [Scene Switch], and then press [MENU / SET]. You can return to step 2.
  • Although White Balance is fixed to [AWB] for certain types of scene, you can fine tune the White Balance or use White Balance bracketing by pressing the cursor button ► on the recording screen.
  • The following items cannot be set in Scene Guide Mode because the camera automatically adjusts them to the optimal setting:
    • Items other than the picture quality adjustment in [Photo Style]
    • [Sensitivity]
    • [Filter Settings]
    • [Metering Mode]
    • [HDR] / [Multi Exp.]
    • For models DC-GX850, DMC-GX85, DMC-G85: [Digital Zoom]

Types of Scene Guide Modes

Displaying the description of each scene and recording tips Press [DISP.] while the scene selection screen is displayed.
  • When it is set to the guide display, detailed explanations and tips for each scene are displayed.

List of Scene Guide Modes

  • [Clear Portrait]
  • [Silky Skin]
    • The smoothing effect is applied to the part that has a similar tone to the complexion of the subject, as well.
    • This mode may not be effective under insufficient lighting.
  • [Backlit Softness]
  • [Clear in Backlight]
  • [Relaxing Tone]
  • [Sweet Child's Face]
    • Touch the face. A still picture is recorded with the focus and exposure set for the touched location.
  • [Distinct Scenery]
  • [Bright Blue Sky]
  • [Romantic Sunset Glow]
  • [Vivid Sunset Glow]
  • [Glistening Water]
    • Star filter used in this mode may cause glistening effects on objects other than the water surface.
  • [Clear Nightscape]
  • [Cool Night Sky]
  • [Warm Glowing Nightscape]
  • [Artistic Nightscape]
  • [Glittering Illuminations]
  • [Handheld Night Shots]
    • Do not move the unit during the continuous shooting after pressing the shutter button.
    • The angle of view will be slightly narrower.
  • [Clear Night Portrait]
    • We recommend using a tripod and the self-timer.
    • When [Clear Night Portrait] is selected, keep the subject still for about 1 second after taking the picture.
  • [Soft Image of a Flower]
    • For close-up recording, we recommend that you close the flash and avoid using it.
  • [Appetizing Food]
    • For close-up recording, we recommend that you close the flash and avoid using it.
  • [Cute Dessert]
    • For close-up recording, we recommend that you close the flash and avoid using it.
  • [Freeze Animal Motion]
    • The initial setting for the AF assist lamp is [OFF]
  • [Clear Sports Shot]
  • [Monochrome]