How to use the telephone's Caller ID number auto edit feature.

Not available on all models Once you call back an edited number, the unit which was used to call back remembers the area code and format of the edited number.  The next time someone calls from the same area code, caller information is customized by the unit as follows:
  • When the call is being received, the Caller ID number is displayed in the same format as the edited number.
  • After the call has ended, the caller’s phone number is displayed in the same format as the edited number, when reviewed from the caller list.
For example, you can use this feature to set the unit to ignore the area code of callers in your area, so that you can call these local numbers using caller information without dialing the area code. To activate this feature, you must edit an entry in the caller list, then call that number. After that, phone numbers from that caller’s area code are edited automatically.   This feature can be set for each unit. The default setting is “On”.   Note: Phone numbers from the 4 most recently edited area codes are automatically edited.   If you would like to turn this feature off;
  1. Press [ MENU # 2 1 4 ]
  2. Press the arrow up ▲  to select "OFF".
  3. Press [ SAVE ].
  4. Press [ OFF ].