How to use the Video Divide feature.

Recorded motion picture can be divided in two. It is recommended for when you want to divide a part you need with a part you do not need.

Dividing a motion picture is permanent. Decide before you divide!

Using the Video Divide Feature

  1. Press [MENU] → [Playback] → [Video Divide].
  2. Press ◄ or ► to select the motion picture to divide, and then press [MENU/SET].
  3. Press ▲ at the location to divide.
    • You can finely adjust the location for division by pressing ◄ or ► while the motion picture is paused.
  4. Press ▼.
    • Motion picture may be lost if the card or battery is removed while processing the dividing.

Video Divide is not available in the following cases:

  • During dividing, do not turn off the camera or remove the card or battery. If you do so, the motion picture may be deleted.
  • Avoid trying to divide motion picture near the very beginning or end of the motion picture.
  • When trying to divide a motion picture with a short duration.
  • Dividing may not be performed on motion pictures recorded with other equipment.
  • The order of images will change if motion pictures are divided. It is recommended to search these motion pictures by using [Calendar] or [Category Selection] in the [Filtering Play].

If you would like to view information specific to your model, please visit our Operating Manual Lookup and search using your model number.