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Panasonic telephone batteries can be purchased from Authorized Panasonic Dealers or our Panasonic USA Parts supplier.

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Model Number location

The model number can be found on the bottom of the base unit, typically on a white sticker.

Image of Telephone model number location

Models that begin with KX-PRD

Battery HHR-4DPA

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Including models KX-PRD260, KX-PRD262

Models that begin with KX-PRL

Including models KX-PRL260, KX-PRL262

Model KX-PRS120

Models that begin with KX-PRW

Including models KX-PRW120, KX-PRW130

Models that begin with KX-TG103, KX-TG106

Including models KX-TG1031, KX-TG1032, KX-TG1033, KX-TG1034, KX-TG1035, KX-TG1061, KX-TG1062, KX-TG1063, KX-TG1064

Models KX-TG113SK, KX-TG155SK

Models KX-TG2153SK

Model KX-TG234SK

Models KX-TG2356, KX-TG2357

Battery HHR-P104A

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Model KX-TG242SK

Models KX-TG2431, KX-TG2432

Battery HHR-P105A1B

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Model KX-TG243SK

Model KX-TG254SK

Models that begin with KX-TG271, KX-TG272

Including models KX-TG2711, KX-TG2712, KX-TG2721, KX-TG2722

Models KX-TG273SK, KX-TG294SK

Models KX-TG313SK

Models KX-TG3634, KX-TG3645

Models KX-TG365SK

Models KX-TG3680, KX-TG3683

Models KX-TG3752, KX-TG3760

Models KX-TG3833, KX-TG3834, KX-TG3845

Models KX-TG385SK

Models that begin with KX-TG401, KX-TG402, KX-TG403

Including models KX-TG4011, KX-TG4012, KX-TG4013, KX-TG4021, KX-TG4022, KX-TG4023, KX-TG4024, KX-TG4025, KX-TG4031, KX-TG4032, KX-TG4033, KX-TG4034, KX-TG403SK

Models that begin with KX-TG411, KX-TG412, KX-TG413

Including models KX-TG4111, KX-TG4112, KX-TG4113, KX-TG4114, KX-TG4132, KX-TG4133, KX-TG4134

Models that begin with KX-TG422, KX-TG432, KX-TG433

Including models KX-TG4221, KX-TG4222, KX-TG4223, KX-TG4224, KX-TG4225, KX-TG4321, KX-TG4322, KX-TG4323, KX-TG4324, KX-TG432SK, KX-TG433SK

Models KX-TG443SK, KX-TG444SK

Model KX-TG4500

Models KX-TG454SK, KX-TG465SK

Model KX-TG472SK

Models that begin with KX-TG473, KX-TG474, KX-TG477

Including models KX-TG4731, KX-TG4732, KX-TG4733, KX-TG4734, KX-TG473SK, KX-TG4741, KX-TG4742, KX-TG4743, KX-TG4744, KX-TG4745, KX-TG4771, KX-TG4772, KX-TG4773

Model KX-TG484SK

Models that begin with KX-TG524, KX-TG543

Including models KX-TG5240, KX-TG5243, KX-TG5431, KX-TG5432, KX-TG5433

Models that begin with KX-TG562, KX-TG563, KX-TG567

Including models KX-TG5621, KX-TG5622, KX-TG5623, KX-TG5631, KX-TG5632, KX-TG5633, KX-TG5634, KX-TG5671, KX-TG5672, KX-TG5673

Models KX-TG572SK, KX-TG573SK

Models KX-TG585SK, KX-TG592SK

Model KX-TG6145

Model KX-TG633SK

Models that begin with KX-TG641, KX-TG642, KX-TG643

Models that begin with KX-TG65, KX-TG65, KX-TG67

Models that begin with KX-TG68

Model KX-TG7122SK

Models that begin with KX-TG74, KX-TG75, KX-TG76

Models that begin with KX-TG77, KX-TG78

Models that begin with KX-TG80, KX-TG82, KX-TG83, KX-TG84

Models that begin with KX-TG93, KX-TG94, KX-TG95, KX-TG98, KX-TG994

Models that begin with KX-TGB

Includes models KX-TGB810, KX-TGB812, KX-TGB850, KX-TGB852

Models that begin with KX-TGC

Includes models KX-TGC210, KX-TGC212, KX-TGC213, KX-TGC220, KX-TGC222, KX-TGC253, KX-TGC350, KX-TGC352, KX-TGC360, KX-TGC362, KX-TGC364

Models that begin with KX-TGD

Includes models KX-TGD210, KX-TGD212, KX-TGD213, KX-TGD220, KX-TGD222, KX-TGD223, KX-TGD224, KX-TGD225, KX-TGD432, KX-TGD433, KX-TGD510, KX-TGD512, KX-TGD513, KX-TGD530, KX-TGD532, KX-TGD533, KX-TGD534, KX-TGD535, KX-TGD562, KX-TGD563, KX-TGD564, KX-TGD583, KX-TGD584, KX-TGD585, KX-TGD610, KX-TGD613, KX-TGD630, KX-TGD632, KX-TGD633, KX-TGD663, KX-TGD664, KX-TGD810, KX-TGD813, KX-TGD830, KX-TGD832, KX-TGD833, KX-TGD862, KX-TGD863, KX-TGD864, KX-TGD890, KX-TGD892

Models that begin with KX-TGE

Includes models X-TGE210, KX-TGE212, KX-TGE232, KX-TGE233, KX-TGE234, KX-TGE240, KX-TGE242, KX-TGE243, KX-TGE244, KX-TGE245, KX-TGE260, KX-TGE262, KX-TGE263, KX-TGE264, KX-TGE270, KX-TGE272, KX-TGE273, KX-TGE274, KX-TGE275, KX-TGE432, KX-TGE433, KX-TGE434, KX-TGE445B, KX-TGE463S, KX-TGE474, KX-TGE475, KX-TGE484S2, KX-TGE632, KX-TGE633, KX-TGE645M, KX-TGE663B, KX-TGE674, KX-TGE675

Models that begin with KX-TGF

Includes models KX-TGF340, KX-TGF342, KX-TGF343, KX-TGF345, KX-TGF350N, KX-TGF352, KX-TGF353, KX-TGF372, KX-TGF373, KX-TGF374, KX-TGF375, KX-TGF380, KX-TGF382, KX-TGF383, KX-TGF540, KX-TGF542, KX-TGF543, KX-TGF544, KX-TGF545, KX-TGF572, KX-TGF573, KX-TGF574, KX-TGF575, KX-TGF675S, KX-TGF743, KX-TGF744, KX-TGF745, KX-TGF773, KX-TGF775, KX-TGF850, KX-TGF853, KX-TGF880B, KX-TGF882B, KX-TGF892B, KX-TGF944, KX-TGF973, KX-TGF975

Models that begin with KX-TGH

Includes models KX-TGH260, KX-TGH262, KX-TGH263

Models that begin with KX-TGL

Includes models KX-TGL430, KX-TGL432, KX-TGL433, KX-TGL460, KX-TGL462, KX-TGL463

Models that begin with KX-TGM

Includes models KX-TGM420W, KX-TGM430B, KX-TGM450S