Troubleshooting - A Wi-Fi connection cannot be established. - LUMIX

General tips for using a Wi-Fi connection

  • Use within the communication range of the device to be connected.
  • Is any device, such as microwave oven, cordless phone, etc., that uses 2.4 GHz frequency operated nearby?
  • Radio waves may get interrupted when used simultaneously. Use them sufficiently away from the device.
  • When the battery indicator is flashing red, the connection with other equipment may not start or the connection may be disrupted.
    • A message such as [Communication Error] is displayed.
  • If you place the camera on a metal table or shelf, the radio waves may be adversely affected. In such cases, you may not be able to establish a connection. Move the camera away from the metal surface.

About a wireless access point

  • Check if the wireless access point to connect is in operating state.
  • Check the radio wave condition of the wireless access point.
  • Move this unit closer to the wireless access point.
  • Remove the obstacles between this unit and the wireless access point.
  • Change the location and orientation of the wireless access point.
  • It may not display even if the radio waves exist depending on the setting of the wireless access point.
  • Turn off and on the wireless access point.
  • Check the settings of the wireless access point.
  • When the network SSID of the wireless access point is set not to broadcast, the wireless access point may not be detected. Enter the network SSID to start the connection or enable the SSID broadcast of the wireless access point.
  • Connection types and security setting methods are different depending on the wireless access point.
  • Is the 5 GHz/2.4 GHz switchable wireless access point connected to other equipment using the 5 GHz band?
  • The use of a wireless access point that can use 5 GHz/2.4 GHz simultaneously is recommended. It cannot be used simultaneously with this camera if it is not compatible