Troubleshooting - Cannot output video in HDR quality even when connected to an HDR-compatible TV.

  • When connected to a device or terminal that does not support HDR, this unit applies Dynamic Range Conversion to HDR signals to output them. In addition, depending on the disc, it may not be possible to output content in 2K resolution or perform playback correctly. 
  • Video may not be output from your TV in HDR quality, depending on the content. Set “HDR/Color Gamut Output” to “HDR/ BT.2020 (Auto)” and “HLG / PQ Conversion” to “Auto”.
    • “HLG / PQ Conversion” is not available for model DP-UB150

This answer applies to the following models; DP-UB150, DP-UB154, DP-UB820, DP-UB420.