Troubleshooting - Cannot play a DVD or Blu-Ray disc.

There are many factors as to why a disc will not play on a DVD player or Blu-Ray Player.

If the disc error you are having is not on the list Refer to your models Operating Manual for specific procedure.

Cannot play a DVD or Blu-ray disc from a different country on the DVD player

This unit plays DVD-Video marked with labels containing the region number “1” or “ALL”. 

Example DVD - Video region1

Disc cannot be played

  • The disc is dirty. Clean the disc in the direction from the middle of the disc to the end outter edge of the disc.


    Wipe with a damp cloth and then wipe dry with a dry cloth.
  • The disc is not finalized.
  • Confirm the “Mixed Data Disc Option” is set properly.
  • Confirm the type of discs that is playing. Refer to the operating instructions for disc formats that can be played by this unit.
  • Region management information. Blu Ray players can play back BD-Video marked with labels containing the region code A or A,B, C.

    DVD-Video marked with labels containing the region "1", "ALL", "1, 2, 4" can be played on DVD players, Blu Ray players and DVD recorders.

  • The units cannot playback discs in PAL format.
  • For models DMP-UB900, DP-UB150, DP-UB820, DP-UB420 - Depending on the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc, it may not be possible to perform playback unless this unit is connected to the Internet.
  • Download the most recent firmware.

Flashes 4 times

  • Try a disc that you own to see if it plays. If it does play then there could be a problem with the borrowed or rented disc.
  • Try cleaning the disc with a soft cloth to remove any fingerprints or smudges.
    • Do not clean in the clock or counter clockwise direction.

Recorded discs recorded by a DVD Recorder do not play in other DVD compatible devices.

  • To create a disc that is compatible with other DVD players, the disc must be "finalized" ("finalizing" applies to discs marked DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD+R). The "finalizing" process adds certain files that are needed for the disc to be recognized as the equivalent of a DVD movie. Ensure that you are satisfied with all content being recorded before finalizing a disc as "finalizing" is permanent and prevents re-recording on the disc.
  • It is not necessary to finalize discs (DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD+R ) if they are recorded and played back with the same DVD recorder.
  • If you are recording a disc marked DVD-RAM, ensure that any DVD player used for playback is DVD-RAM compatible. DVD-RAM discs cannot be finalized.

How to finalize disc on the Panasonic DVD Recorders

  1. While stopped Press [FUNCTIONS].
  2. Press [▲/▼] to select “Other Functions” and then press [ENTER].
  3. Press [▲/▼] to select “HDD Management”, “DVD Management” or “Card Management” and then press [ENTER].
  4. Press [▲/▼] to select “Finalize” and then press [ENTER].
  5. Press [◄/►] to select “Yes” and then press [ENTER].
  6. Press [◄/►] to select “Start” and then press [ENTER].
  7. A message appears when finalizing is finished.
    • Note you cannot cancel finalizing. Finalizing takes up to 15 minutes. (Finalizing may take up to 60 minutes with DVD-R DL and +R DL.) Do not disconnect the AC power supply cord while finalizing. This will render the disc unusable.
  8. Press [ENTER].


When finalizing a high-speed recording compatible disc, it may take longer than displayed on the confirmation screen (approximately four times).