Troubleshooting - Handset power related problems, handset is not charging, battery icon flashes, the unit does not work.

Charging Problems possible cause and solutions

  • Make sure the phone is firmly seated on the base/charger and that the charging contacts are making a good connection. Confirm "Charging" is displayed.
  • Confirm you are using the correct batteries. We reccomend Panasonic batteries only.
  • Check the battery contacts: Make sure that the battery contacts on both the handset and the charging cradle are clean and free of dust or debris. You can use a clean, dry cloth to gently wipe the contacts.
  • Check the power source: Make sure that the charging cradle is plugged into a working electrical outlet or power source. If the outlet is not working, try plugging the cradle into a different outlet.
  • If available check to see if the handset will charge in an other charging station.
  • If you have more than one handset, remove the batteries and replace them with batteries from a working handset. If with those batteries the unit operates, you will need to replace the batteries with new ones.
  • The battery may need replacing.For information on purchasing parts select "Support Links" then "Parts & Accessories".

Handset is dead possible cause and solutions

  • Make sure the batteries are installed correctly.
  • Remove the batteries from the handset, and then insert them into the handset again.
  • Fully charge the batteries.
  • Check the connections.
  • Unplug the charging unit’s AC adaptor. Reconnect the adaptor to a different AC plug and try again.