Troubleshooting - Massage Chair operational problems.

The massage heads stop during operation.

When excessive force is applied to the massage heads during operation, in the interests of safety the massage heads may stop moving. If all markings and buttons on the control panel start to flash, which is extremely unusual, turn off the power switch, wait for approximately 10 seconds and then turn the power switch on again. If the massage heads stop again, position yourself so that your back is not completely in contact with the backrest.

The massage heads do not come up to the shoulder or neck.

If your head does not contact the pillow or your back does not contact the backrest, the shoulder position may be detected as lower than the actual position during the body scanning.

Sit on the seat in the deepest position and put your head on the pillow, and then repeat the operations again from the start.

The hip massage is weak.

Please sit further in. When you sit further in, the gap between the backrest and the hip becomes smaller, making it easier for the massage heads to contact your body.

The height and intensity on one side feels different than the other side.

The chair is designed to differ in some cases.

An alternating tapping mechanism is used to create a more natural sensation. The massage heads therefore do not move in unison in some massages. The massage head height (intensity) on the left differs from that on the right in these massages.

This is not a malfunction.

This FAQ applies to models EP-1285, EP-30004, EP-MA03, EP-MA10, EP-MA70, EP-MA73, EP-MAJ7