Troubleshooting - Striping or flicker may appear under lighting such as fluorescent lighting and LED lighting fixture.

  • This is a characteristic of MOS/CMOS sensors which serve as the camera’s pickup sensors. This is not a malfunction.
  • When using the electronic shutter, lowering the shutter speed may reduce the effect of the horizontal stripes.
  • If noticeable flicker or striping is seen under lighting such as a fluorescent or LED lighting fixture when recording motion pictures, you can reduce the flicker or striping by setting up [Flkr Decrease] and fixing the shutter speed.
Press [Menu → [Motion Picture] → [Flkr Decrease] → [1/50]/[1/60]/[1/100]/[1/120]/[Off] For model DC-S1H: Press [Menu/Set] → [Still Shooting] → [Still Camera Settings] → [Flicker Decrease (Photo)]  

Applicable modes

Watch this video for more information on setting [Flkr Decrease]

Model shown: DC-G9