Troubleshooting - The Camera does not work even if the camera is turned on, and/or The Camera switches off as soon as the camera is turned on.

  • Check that the battery is inserted correctly.
  • The battery is exhausted. Charge the battery.
  • The battery is not charged when the camera is shipped. Charge the battery before use.
  • For models that are designed to charge the battery while the battery is in the camera, charge the battery only when it is inserted in the camera. Make sure to use the dedicated supplied AC adaptor, supplied USB connection cable and battery.
  • To conserve battery life turn the camera off when not in use.
  • For models with [Economy], [Power Save] or [Sleep] functions, use these functions to automatically turn the camera off when not in use. For additional information on Economy, Power Save or Sleep Mode, refer to your models Advanced operating manual.

About batteries that you can use with this unit

It has been found that counterfeit battery packs which look very similar to the genuine product are made available for purchase in some markets. Some of these battery packs are not adequately protected with internal protection to meet the requirements of appropriate safety standards. There is a possibility that these battery packs may lead to fire or explosion. Please be advised that we are not liable for any accident or failure occurring as a result of use of a counterfeit battery pack. To ensure that safe products are used, we recommend that a genuine Panasonic battery pack is used.