Troubleshooting - The handset or base unit does not ring.

Possible cause and solutions

As operation and features do vary by model always Refer to your models Operating Manual for specific instructions

Landline Operation

Please note that the Ringer ON/OFF setting must be configured individually for each handset.

  • The ringer volume is turned off. While the handset is ringing for an incoming call press the arrow up ▲ button repeatedly to select the desired volume.
  • Night/Silent mode is turned on. Turn it off. Refer to "Night Silent mode".
  • If the "0" button on your telephone has a ringer icon Image press and hold "0" to turn the ringer ON.


It is crucial to note that if you are utilizing a VOIP internet modem for your telephone service, additional measures must be taken to ensure the modem's correct configuration. It is imperative to verify the internet configuration settings of the modem. For guidance with this process, we strongly advise reaching out to your internet service provider. Many issues related to phone calls stem directly from VOIP connections and settings.

Additional troubleshooting for models with Link to Cell feature

When Link to Call is turned on