Troubleshooting - The lens, the viewfinder or LCD monitor fog up.

This is due to condensation. This is not a malfunction.
  • Condensation occurs when there is a change in temperature or humidity, such as when the unit is taken from outside or a cold room to a warm room.
  • Please be careful, as it may cause the lens, the viewfinder or LCD monitor to become soiled, moldy, or damaged.
  • When taking the unit to a place which has a different temperature, if the unit is accustomed to the room temperature of the destination for about one hour, condensation can be prevented. When the difference in temperature is severe, place the unit in a plastic bag or the like, remove air from the bag, and seal the bag.
  • When condensation has occurred, remove the battery and/or the AC adapter and leave the unit like that for about one hour. When the unit becomes accustomed to the surrounding temperature, fogginess will disappear naturally.

HC-V770, HC-VX870, HC-WX970, HC-X1,HC-WXF1, HC-V800, HC-VX1, HC-V180, HC-V210, HC-V270, HC-V380, HC-V500, HC-V510, HC-V520, HC-V550, HC-V700, HC-V720, HC-W580, HC-X1, HC-X2, HC-X20