Troubleshooting - The massage chair makes noises during operation.

Operational sounds are perfectly normal and will not have any effect on the operation of the unit.

Sounds may increase when certain fuctions like tapping are performed.

Examples of Sounds

  • Groaning noise when the motor comes under load, the unit reclines, when using the air massager or when using the foot massager.
  • Air massage units make a “Snapping” sound from the air bag during air action.
  • Back Massage area sounds have been described as “Popping”, “Clunking”, Rattle”, “Squeak”, “Rustle” sounds.
  • Legrest and Sole Massage area sounds have been described as “Clunking”, "Popping”, “Squeak”, “Jerking” sounds.
  • Sounds of the cloth, ,aterial stretching.
  • Seat makes noise when you sit.
  • Humming noise from the motor or pump or when first turned on.
  • The belt can be heard rotating.
  • The leg rest rattles.

If the Operational noise has grown louder after using for a long time, this may be a malfunction. Contact the nearest Authorized Panasonic Service center for an inspection and repair.