Troubleshooting - The Monitor/Viewfinder turns off although the camera is turned on. - Lumix

If no operations are performed during the set time period, [Auto LVF/Monitor Off] is activated, and the Monitor/Viewfinder turns off.  
  • Press [MENU] → [Settings IconSetup] → [Economy] → [Auto LVF/Monitor Off]
  When an object or your hand is positioned near the eye sensor, the Monitor display may switch to the Viewfinder display.  
  • Press [MENU] → [Settings IconSetup] or [Settings IconSetup] → [Eye Sensor]
Monitor/Viewfinder Sensitivity Settings
[Sensitivity] This will set the sensitivity of the eye sensor.
[LVF/Monitor Switch] This will set the method for switching between the monitor and viewfinder. [LVF/MON AUTO] (automatic switching between the monitor and viewfinder) / [LVF] (viewfinder)/[MON] (monitor).
  • If you press [LVF] to switch the display, the [LVF/Monitor Switch] setting will also switch.