Troubleshooting - The screen is blank on my handset.

Possible cause and solutions

  • Some models have a Screen saver mode which may be activated. When activated the backlight goes dark when on a call or turns off completely after 1 minute of inactivity if the handset is not on the base unit or charger. Activate the handset display again.
    1. Press the talk/call [null] button when on a call.
    2. Press the [OFF] button at all other times.
  • Use only approved rechargeable batteries supplied.
  • Check that the batteries are inserted correctly and fully charged. Recharge the handset, place the handset on the base unit for recharging.
  • If after recharging the screen is blank or won't turn on, reset the handset.
    1. Remove the handset cover at the back of the cordless handset.
    2. Remove the battery for a few seconds and insert the battery and close the cover.