Troubleshooting - This unit is turned off automatically.

  • If the unit turns off when you turn off the power to the TV using the TV remote control, the VIERA Link is at work. If you are not using the VIERA Link, set [VIERA Link] to [OFF].
    1. Press [MENU].
    2. Press [SETUP].
    3. Press [VIERA Link].
    4. Press [OFF].
  • For model HC-V500:
    • When this unit is connected to a DVD burner to copy or play back images (a disc is being accessed), the unit turns off automatically if the USB Connection Cable is removed.

HC-WXF1, HC-VX1, HC-V180, HC-V210, HC-V270, HC-V380, HC-V500, HC-V510, HC-V520, HC-V550, HC-V700, HC-V720, HC-V800, HC-W580, HC-VX870