Troubleshooting - Unit does not respond to remote control or front panel buttons. - Blu-ray player

This answer may apply to most models. Select your model from the drop down list below for specific programming or if your model is not listed Refer to your models Operating Manual for the specific procedure.

Model DMP-BD45

Press and hold [POWER Power Icon] on the main unit for 3 seconds.

  • If still unable to power the unit off, disconnect the power cord, wait 1 minute, then reconnect the power cord.

Model DMP-BD60

Model DMP-BD65, DMP-BD655

Model DMP-BD755

  • Disconnect the AC mains lead, then reconnect the power cord.

Model DMP-BD77

Disconnect the AC mains lead, wait 1 minute, then reconnect the AC mains lead.

Model DMP-BD79

Model DMP-BD80

Model DMP-BD81

Model DMP-BD85

Model DMP-BD87

Model DMP-BD89

Model DMP-BD90

Model DMP-BD901

Model DMP-BD91

Model DMP-BD93, DMP-BD903

Model DMP-BD94

Model DMP-BDT110, DMP-BDT110

Model DMP-BDT210

Model DMP-BDT270, DMP-BDT271

Model DMP-BDT280

Model DMP-BDT310

Model DMP-BDT320

Model DMP-BDT330

Model DMP-BDT360

Model DMP-BDT460

Model DP-UB420

Model DMP-BDT500

Model DMP-UB200

Model DMP-UB300

Model DMP-UB400

Model DP-UB150

Model DP-UB420

Model DP-UB820

Model DP-UB9000