Troubleshooting - Video is not output in 4K or high-definition.

  • Confirm that “Resolution” in the Setup menu is set properly.
  • Confirm the HDMI cable, related connections and the compatibility of TV video input. To output images in 4K, connect the HDMI cable to a 4K compatible terminal of the connected device.
  • To enjoy images in 4K/60p, you need a High Speed HDMI-compliant cable that supports 18 Gbps.
  • Set “HDMI (AUDIO) Output Mode” to "Audio Only”.
  • To enjoy image in 4K/60p, set “4K60p Output” to “4K/60p(4:4:4)” or “4K/60p(4:2:0)”.
  • If 4K images are not output from the connected 4K-compatible TV, set “4K60p Output” to “4K/60p(4:4:4)” or “4K/60p(4:2:0)”.
  • DP-UB820 - When the unit is connected to a TV that supports formats up to 4K(60p) 4:2:0 or “4K60p Output” is set to “4K/60p(4:2:0)”, material recorded in 4K(60p) cannot be output in HDR. To play back material recorded in 24p, set “24p Output” to “Auto”.

This FAQ applies to models DP-UB820, DMP-UB400, DP-UB420