Troubleshooting - VIERA Link does not work on my LUMIX camera.

Possible cause and solutions

  • Check that the HDMI micro cable is fully inserted.
  • Confirm that the [VIERA Link] in the [Settings] Menu is set to [ON].
  • Depending on HDMI terminal of the TV, the input channel may not switch automatically. In this case, use the remote control for the TV to switch input. (For details on how to switch input, please read the operating instructions for the TV.)
  • Check the VIERA Link setting on the connected device.
  • Turn this unit off then back on.
  • Turn the “VIERA Link control (HDMI device control)” setting on your television (VIERA) to off and then to on again. (Consult your VIERA’s operating instructions for details.)
  • For models DC-S1H: Check that the [VIERA Link (CEC)] of the camera is set to [ON].