Warranty and Repair Information Telephone Products (USA)

Telephone - 1 Year Parts and Labor - Mail-In Service Online Repair Request

If your product does not work properly because of a defect in materials or workmanship, Panasonic Corporation of North America will, for the length of the period indicated above, which starts with the date of original purchase (“warranty period”), at its option either;

  1. repair your product with new or refurbished parts
  2. replace it with a new or a refurbished equivalent value product, or
  3. refund your purchase price.

The decision to repair, replace or refund will be made by the warrantor.

During the “Labor” warranty period there will be no charge for labor.

During the “Parts” warranty period, there will be no charge for parts.

This Limited Warranty excludes both parts and labor for non-rechargeable batteries, antennas, and cosmetic parts (cabinet).

This warranty only applies to products purchased and serviced in the United States.

This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of a new product which was not sold “as is".

Call Block Machine - KX-TGA710, KX-TG760, KX-TG3101

Mail in service for 3 year parts and labor.

Range Extender - KX-TGA407, KX-TG409

Mail in service for 1 year parts and labor.

Before contacting service, please refer to your model's Operating manual for full warranty information.

Our telephone products are repaired at the Panasonic Service Center. You will need to create a new repair request and then ship the product to the service center.

Proceed to repair request.