How to send pictures to a smartphone. - DC-ZS80, DC-FZ1000M2, DC-G95


Visit here to learn how to install the Panasonic Image App

Press [Menu] → [Setup] → [Wi-Fi] → [Wi-Fi Function] → [New Connection] → [Send Images while Recording]/[Send Images stored in the Camera] → [Smartphone].

Select [Via Network] or [Direct] to connect on your smartphone.

When connecting with [Via Network]

  1. Set Wi-Fi function to "On".
  2. Select a wireless access point and set.
  3. Start "Image App".

When connecting with [WPS Connection] in [Direct]

  1. Start "Image App"
    • WPS refers to a function that allows you to easily configure the settings related to the connection and security of wireless LAN devices. To check if the smartphone you are using is compatible with WPS, refer to the instruction manual of the smartphone.

When connecting with [Manual Connection] in [Direct]

  1. Set Wi-Fi function to "On"
  2. Select the SSID displayed on this unit.
  3. Start "Image App".
  4. Select the device you wish to connect to.
  5. Check the send settings.
    • To change the send setting, press the display button.
  6. Take a still picture. [Send Images While Recording].
  7. Select the picture. [Send Images Stored in the Camera].