Troubleshooting - Caller information is not displayed and/or announced. Caller ID is not working

Possible cause and solutions

  • Confirm that your Caller ID service is working properly from your phone company. The best way for you to verify that is to check other Caller ID compatible phones in the house.
  • Check if other phones in your home are working for caller ID. If not contact your phone company. If they are continue with troubleshooting.
  • Plug the base unit into a different telephone line plug and test again.
  • If your unit is connected to any additional telephone equipment such as a Caller ID box or cordless telephone line jack, plug the unit directly into the wall jack.
  • If you use a DSL/ADSL service, we recommend connecting a DSL/ADSL filter between the base unit and the telephone line jack. Contact your DSL/ADSL provider for details.
  • Depending on your phone service provider, the unit may display or announce the caller’s information at the 2nd ring or later, the number of rings for the answering system is set to “ 2 rings ”. Select a different setting. Refer to "How to select a different ring setting".
  • The ringer volume is turned off, adjust the ringer volume. Refer to "How to adjust the ringer volume".
  • Move the handset closer to the base unit.
  • Your unit does not announce caller information while the other devices such as headset or handsets are engaged in a call.
  • The Talking Caller ID feature is turned off. Turn it on. Refer to "Turn on Talking Caller ID"
  • The ring as cell mode is set to “ On (without Talking CID) ”. Select a different setting.

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