Troubleshooting - The video does not output on a Blu-ray player.

There are many factors as to why video or a specific Video resolution will not output from the DVD player or Blu-Ray Player.

These answer applies to most models. If the video output difficulty you are having is not on the list Refer to your models Operating Manual for specific procedure.

Picture does not play correctly

The High definition video (transfer rate of 18 Mbps or faster) cannot be played back correctly if it was recorded on a DVD compatible to double speed or slower.

Picture is distorted

An incorrect resolution is selected in “HDMI Resolution”. Reset the setting on the Blu Ray Player.


  • Set the resolution again. When Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD audio are not output in bitstream, select “Yes” in “Restore Default Settings” and make proper settings.
  • The quality of video will lower on the screen of this unit when HDMI is connected.

The Video does not output

  • Reset the settings. Turn the unit on.
  • Make sure that the television is connected to either the VIDEO OUT terminal, COMPONENT VIDEO OUT terminals or HDMI AV OUT terminal on this unit.
    Make sure that the television’s input setting (e.g., VIDEO 1) is correct.
  • If connected to HDMI AV Out terminals an incorrect resolution is selected in “HDMI Resolution” setting. If connected to Component Video Out terminal connection an incorrect resolution is selected in “Component Video Resolution” setting.
  • Video is not output when the “High Clarity Sound” is set to “On (Video Off)”. Change setting to "On (Video On)" or "Disable" to use the VIDEO OUT terminal.
  • Video from the HDMI AUDIO OUT terminal is not output when the “HDMI(AUDIO) Output Mode” is set to “Audio Only”. Chnage setting to  "Auto ( Video Only / Video+Audio )”.
  • Video from the HDMI AV OUT SUB terminal is not output when the “HDMI(SUB) Output Mode” is set to “V.OFF”.

The Video does not output in High-Definition

Confirm that “HDMI Resolution” in the Setup menu is set properly.

For DMP-BD85 Confirm that the “HDMI Video Mode”, “HDMI Resolution”, and “Component Video Resolution” in the Setup menu are set properly.

The Video does not output in 4K

  • Confirm that “Resolution” in the Setup menu is set properly.
  • Confirm the HDMI cable, related connections and the compatibility of TV video input. To output images in 4K, connect the HDMI cable to a 4K compatible terminal of the connected device.
  • If “4K60p Output” is set to “4K/60p(4:4:4)”, check to see if the connected HDMI cable
    supports 18 Gbps.(Only for model DMP-UB900 the cable is supplied with the unit. Part number : K1HY19YY0048)
  • If you connect this unit to a 4K-compatible TV and perform “Easy Setting”, 4K/60p will be automatically selected.
  • For model DMP-UB900 - To view Ultra HD Blu-ray content in 4K/HDR format, connect to the HDMI terminal of a device that supports HDCP2.2, 4K/60p (4:4:4), and HDR signals that meet Ultra HD Blu-ray standards.
  • Set “HDMI (AUDIO) Output Mode” to "Audio Only”.
  • To enjoy image in 4K/60p, set “4K60p Output” to “4K/60p(4:4:4)” or “4K/60p(4:2:0)”.
  • If 4K images are not output from the connected 4K-compatible TV, set “4K60p Output” to “4K/60p(4:4:4)” or “4K/60p(4:2:0)”.
  • DP-UB820 - When the unit is connected to a TV that supports formats up to 4K(60p) 4:2:0 or “4K60p Output” is set to “4K/60p(4:2:0)”, material recorded in 4K(60p) cannot be output in HDR. To play back material recorded in 24p, set “24p Output” to “Auto”.  

This answer applies to 4K models